The story in Undead Invasion, a game created by Bryan Mcdowell is a "collection" of various games I have enjoyed playing all put together in this masterpiece of a game. "Undead Invasion" happens when a nuke sent the world into an abyss and 80 years of underground developement and research has finally driven the survivors to conquer the multiverse in search of conquest or assimilation. It happens to be that 80 years after the abyss creatures of monstrocity walk the earth in search of live, beating, fresh meat and theres no rules that say your not on the menu!

There are forces at work that must have a "check". Your role will determine what happens not just in each universe but the entire Multiverse. Necromongers rampid conquering of worlds. Rouge Darkside powermongers gaining more power. Starfleets supposedly "peaceful exploration of new worlds". Giant replicating machines consuming entire universe materials. Genius psychopaths trying to change history. You never know who you can trust, and what you think may be reality may just be an illusion by some sadistic time traveling sonava-bitch.

It's not surprising characters have ornate skills after such epic events over time. But the time has come to search new worlds and seek out new civilizations to conquer and explore to become an all powerful force.


The gameplay is very tactical, tedious and is mostly menu-driven, therefore it doesn't makes sense to utilize 3d graphics. Keyboard, mouse, and buttons will help control the gameplay. The combat is automated but if you want to kill faster you will need to be pressing buttons and changing a lot of combat-driven interface tools, such as speed, angle, power etc. Progression is attained through killing and missions. Power is obtained by ethereal life energies. Voluntary or forced submission of their ethereal power will transfer the needed powers to help you become unstoppable. Just like everything in the multiverse it costs something to do anything. You will need to use these energies to exert force on the unwilling and enemies that try to deny or subvert your progression to becoming an all-powerfull entity.


Missions will be bounty captures, recon, assassinations, item collections, craft/building, negotiation, competitions, and some just pure luck(because shit happens.)


You can make a company in this game. You must first own slaves and property to facilitate this. The company is a big investment and should not be taken on without serious thought. The company finds, makes and creates random stuff and can be very lucrative but time consuming. Communication to the company is always available through the quasi-dead.


Slaves are what make the game easier. You don't have to own slaves in order to win the game, you can always hire the willing but it does cost something. You must get a property before you can accept slaves. During battles some will bow down to your authority in which case you must accept, trusting they will not double cross you later on, or strike them down for ultimate power and attainment of their soul.


You can own property in this game. It would be wise to aquire some slaves to help you maintain and defend your property.


The battles are not won alone and if your arms are chopped of there needs to be someone to sew on the replacements. Thats where the aids come into play. The aids can do all the work when it comes to looting, repair and maintenance of their master. But dont be fooled, they don't have skills and can't help in combat.

DogMan's best friend
MonkeyAn unpredictable but cunning aid
ZombieA slow but undieing aid
RobotA somewhat smart aid
BeggarA somewhat smart aid


Missions will be bounty captures, recon, assassinations, item collections, craft/building, negotiation, competitions, and some just pure luck(because shit happens.)


There are threats everywhere and you cant just rely on hand to hand combat. That's why there are vehicles. Vehicles can be used when underwater,on the water,on the ground, in the air, and even in space. And these vehicles are rare and expensive and are not just doled out. Many are owned by major faction leaders and used for very specific battle campaigns.

Land LightcycleThese land beasts have super-natural armor and short temper
RhinoThese land beasts have super-natural armor and short temper
AnkylosaurusThese land beasts have super-natural armor and short temper
ArachnosaurThese water beasts have aggressive temper and deadly jaws
TrackerAn advanced ground vehicle
HaulerA deadly ground vehicle with armor
Air PterodactylA ravinous flying beast
JetpackA light air vehicle
StrikerA deadly advanced attack helicopter
RaptorA deadly advanced attack jet
Space WarbirdA deadly advanced space fighter
CubeA deadly advanced space battleship
CruiserA deadly space vessel
Water SeabearingA deadly advanced water battleship
AquasubAn advanced sub fighter
SubmarineA deadly advanced space battleship
TyphoonA deadly water vessel
Amphibious Mag racerThese land beasts have super-natural armor and short temper
Fort ACVAn advanced amphibious vehicle
Glide ACVA deadly amphibious vehicle
Anywhere SphereA deadly vessel


Mini-games are kind of like a secondary mission to the main mission. There is a card game where you collect cards of enemies you have defeated or bought. There is a dice game that you can become rich from. There is a race game that you can bet on. There is a starfighter arcade game. There is a press "X" button game. There is a strategy based conquer checker game. Treasure hunt game. Math calculation game. A Chemistry combination game. A Prediction game.

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  • Planetside
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  • Asherons call
  • Diablo II

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  • Chronicle of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay
  • Devil may cry
  • The witcher
  • Deus Ex Human Revolution
  • Batman Arkham Asylum

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Started this C# game just for fun and worked on and off since 2006. Eventually playing so many games becomes like enslaving yourself to a master; you never get what you want. If I had to choose between x and y, why not just create z to do x and y? Thus, breaking the chains and forging a new path with only the limit of my imagination and programming skill, I build my masterpiece. Plans are to expand game to LAN with CTF type gameplay.


The link below should serve up a copy of the game for you...

Undead Invasion


Q:Why does the game stop working?

A:There is probably a malfunction in my code, I'm not a professional programmer.

Q:Why should I play this crappy game?

A:You need to have a brain to play this game, unlike some other games.

Q:What happens if I beat the game?

A:Your computer might explode. You might have a seizure. Who knows?


If you decide I need to be contacted leave a comment to let me know!